Grants For Students applying for Higher Education

The Trustees of the Education Foundation of Archbishop Holgate would like to invite annual applications for the Education Award to help towards the costs of higher education.  Successful students will be offered up to £5,000 per annum to help towards their expenses/living costs for higher education.  In addition, the Award could also be offered each year throughout a student’s higher education (e.g. in year two and year three), providing proof is received that they have passed their mid exams and are continuing with their education. The Education Foundation of Archbishop Holgate is a registered charity which is governed by the rules laid down by the Charity Commission.


Who is eligible?

In order to qualify for this Award you must provide evidence that you are:

  • in Year 13, in full time education and intending to continue into higher education

  • Under 25 years

  • resident in the area of benefit of the Trust covering the following parishes: Ackworth, Badsworth, Havercroft with Cold Hiendley, Hemsworth, Nostel (incorporating Hessle and Hill Top, Huntswick with Foulby and West Hardwick) Ryhill, South Elmsall, South Hiendley, South Kirkby and Moorthorpe, Thorpe Audlin, Upton and North Elmsall and Wintersett, all in the County of West Yorkshire, and Brierley, Hampole and Skelbrooke, and Shafton and the township of Cudworth in the County of South Yorkshire. You can locate your local parish using the and use your home postcode in full or use the ‘get my location’ option on this webpage to get an accurate result.
  • that you have been eligible for Free School Meals or a 16 to 19 Bursary Fund.


As your course progresses you will be invited to update the Trustees. Your course tutor will also be asked to confirm your progress to ensure eligibility in coming year.



How to apply

In order to apply for the Education Award you should complete the downloadable application form and write a letter of application.  Please bear in mind that the information you give is the only information we will have to help us decide who should receive the grant(s). Your Head of Sixth Form, Personal Tutor or employer must also provide a written statement in support of your application. 


We need to know your personal details, qualifications and the course you intend to follow in your chosen career, and how you think you will use the award.  Please also include any additional information which you think may be applicable; for example your interests, any clubs you belong to, any voluntary work you may do or part time jobs that you have held which has contributed to your career pathway.  As Trustees we would like to know as much as possible, so please use further paper, up to a maximum of one side of A4, if you require additional space. It would also be useful if you could include details of your future career aspirations in your letter of application.

All personal information will be held by the Trust in line with our Privacy Policy (insert date and hyperlink to the page on the website)  GDPR good practice guide,

 and Data Protection Act 2018

How will applications be considered, and successful awards distributed?

All applications will be considered by the Trustees and all applicants will be notified of the outcome. Those invited to the next stage of the application process (short-listed) are invited to be interviewed by the Education Committee, at Archbishop Holgate Hospital in Hemsworth.


Shortlisted applicants will be notified of the outcome and those who are successful will receive their award, subject to them sending written notification to the Trustees via the Clerk, of having gained the required exam results and confirmation of their place in higher education e.g. university/further education college and commencement of their course. The Clerk will advise when and at which point in the academic years the monies are to be transferred into your bank account.

You will also be required to submit a written report to the Trustees at the end of each academic year until completion of the course, including your progress and achievements. The report should be endorsed by your personal tutor.


Application Deadline – 30th April

Once your downloadable application is complete you should send it with your letter of application to: Or by post to: Clerk to the Trustees, Archbishop Holgate Hospital Office, Robin Lane, Hemsworth, WF9 4PW

Are you Eligible and interested in Applying?