The Chapel

The central feature of the Hospital North Range is the Chapel. Our Founder’s intentions were to provide homes for worthy churchmen and women who would continue to be faithful and regular worshippers here when they moved from their local parish church to become part of this Christian community.


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It is the duty of the Master to conduct the prescribed Chapel services on Sundays and weekdays. In line with the last will and testament of Archbishop Robert Holgate

The Master thereof shall be a Clerk and within the holy order of priesthood at such time as he shall be thereto nominated or appointed & shall be nominated & made perfect Master of the said Hospital by the gift and grant of mine Executors 

He is to be an ordained minister of the Church of England holding the Bishop’s licence.
While there is no specific requirement for residents to attend services, it is part of our centuries old tradition that residents who enjoy the facilities of living here, attend at least some of the services available to them including Founder’s Day, Christmas and Easter Day continuing the tradition, that Brothers and Sisters take their place regularly in worship.

Chapel Inside View

The community continues to worship reflecting the Anglo-Catholic heritage of the Church of England. The Chapel is dedicated to the Holy Cross and there is regular prayer for all connected with the hospital.


Chapel Paper

Everyone, including visitors are always welcome at the services, where the Hospital prayer continues to be said by all before the Blessing.

O Lord, Look down with Thy gracious favour upon this Hospital.
Visit it, we pray Thee with Thy Blessing.
May Thy Presence abide with each Brother and Sister,
with Thy servant who ministers to them
and with all connected with this place.
May it evermore be the abode of Love and Peace and Holiness:
may those who dwell here so live on Earth
that they may at last inherit Thy Eternal Home in Heaven:
for the sake of Thy dear Son,
Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.



The Chapel of the Holy Cross is not registered for Marriages, however children, Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren of Brothers & Sisters may be Baptised (Christened) in the Chapel by arrangement with the Master. Confirmations have also taken place here in recent years.


Brothers and Sisters have an annual opportunity to join in a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham and there is a candle which burns in the Holy House dedicated to the Hospital

Inside of Chapel

When the time comes, every Brother or Sister (even if they have moved on to other accommodation later in life) is entitled to have their funeral service, conducted by the Master.

Chapel Outside Picture